Our aim is to provide a comfortable environment to disseminate the knowledge of natural working refrigerant (Carbon Dioxide or CO2 or R744) for R&HVAC applications with the support of multi-phase ejector technology. Moreover, we facilitates, by developing the demonstration/training sites and organizing technical sessions/workshops for Indian refrigeration industries and offering a hands-on-practical experience with the eco-friendly technology.


About Us:

Registered in 2020, ECO REFTEC Pvt. Ltd. is forward-looking organization focused on offering a comprehensive technical support to the HVAC&R systems working on eco-friendly refrigerant, that is the need for the 21st century. As a first Indian company dealing with only CO2 refrigerant technology, our motivation is to facilitate and connect with the R&HVAC industry to enable and develop energy & environmental efficient cooling and heating system for various applications such as; supermarkets, Kitchens, hotels, malls, etc. across India.

Our Vision:

India is a signatory to both COP21 which was ratified on 2nd October 2016 and Kigali agreement of 2017. Both these protocols make India to mitigate the problems arising from greenhouse gasses, especially used for refrigerants. Moreover, the concepts of integrated CO2 vapor compression systems (refrigeration of foodstuff & cold stores, AC and heat pumping) is relatively new (2010 onwards) and only a few examples of successful application of such systems exists.

  • The idea of applying multiple ejectors, designed for the CO2vapor compression systems to improve the energy efficiency and performance at high ambient temperatures can be applied in both Europe as well as in Asia for numerous application areas.
  • A complementary consortium and new knowledge that could invoke technological development and lower the investment costs of the ejector supported CO2vapor compression units is required.

In the long run, the matured CO2 technology would be beneficial and attractive from both environment and energy point of views in India.


We believe actions speak louder than words.

India's First CO2 Transcritical System

India's First CO2 Supermarket System- IIT Madras